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Sky vs…A Life Outside My Comfort Zone

When I began this blog, I imagined that I would soon be on an adventurous round-the-world journey that would have me outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis, that I wouldn't even need to make an effort to get outside of my comfort zone because I would be living outside my comfort zone. Followers of this blog know my RTW journey has turned into a few trips to Central America and, now, to living in Costa Rica. My crazy adventures never... Read More »

Sky vs…Eco-Retreat

Though I grew up in the country, I've never been a fan of the outdoors. Regardless of the weather outside, I typically prefer to be inside with a book. Escaping to an imaginary world is far more fascinating to me than hunting, fishing, or playing sports. In my attempt to avoid the great outdoors, I became a little high maintenance when it came to things like camping. If there was not an actual bathroom and shower, I was not going, thank you... Read More »

Sky vs…Monday Night Football

“Your turn,” my aunt said as she emerged from the bathroom, handing me the black and gold paint she had just used on her face. I hesitated before drawing a few lines under my eyes. Between the jersey, several sizes too big, that I had stolen from my dad, the beanie I had just purchased at Giant Eagle, and the now black and gold “football lines” on my face, I looked like your average Pittsburgh Steelers fan – no one would know I knew... Read More »

Sky vs….White Water Rafting

When I signed up for the trip to Panama, I knew that it was going to be challenging. That was the reason I had chosen not to attend the previous year, why I hesitated a million times before officially deciding to go. Yet when I signed up, it was supposed to be my fear of heights, not rushing water and drowning, that I would be facing, so when the trip leader decided last minute we would be whitewater rafting instead of ziplining, I kind of... Read More »