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Saving for Travel: The Contentment Challenge

I've been posting regularly on the different ways I am saving money for travel. However, now that I'm living abroad, I haven't kept to these habits as regularly as I would like. When you live abroad you develop habits just as you do at home - you have a group of friends, routine, favorite restaurants, a bar with a favorite cocktail. Which, if you're traveling on a short time - fantastic! Go for it, indulge every night! I'm in Costa Rica for the... Read More »

Saving for Travel – Becoming a Perfectly Posh Consultant

This post is part of my series on Saving for Travel. To see all of the other posts, click here. There's only so much money that can be saved when you're working a minimum wage job and still paying bills, which was my situation when I was trying to save for my Central American adventure. When you only have a limited amount of money to start with, there often aren't many extras to cut – which is the first thing that people recommend you do... Read More »

Saving for Travel – Back to Basics

When I returned home from Nicaragua, I was broke. I had enough money to stay in Nicaragua because volunteering kept my expenses low and I was making enough money freelancing each month to cover those expenses and have a little fun. I spent more money getting to the airport to fly home than I had in the two weeks prior. Then I arrived home to prices at least triple what I had been paying along with bills - car insurance and a cell phone - that... Read More »
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Saving For Travel – No Spend November

It's official. My trip is less than 2 months away. I am in full-blown, freak-out panic mode. Of course, in the midst of this panic is pure excitement so I am definitely not complaining. I have most of the things I need for my trip, I know when my last day of work is, I just spent a week with family and I have another week planned right before I leave. The one thing that is not completely settled is my finances  - after all, I'm never... Read More »

Saving for Travel – September Edition

I meant to create a Saving for Travel post in August...then I realized that August was almost over so I may as well get a head start on September. (Um, where did summer go? I am in denial that it's already September.) Below is an update of what I did in August as well as what I plan to do in September as far as saving and spending go. August Recap August was the first full month I had to save after making the decision to spend next... Read More »