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Sky vs…The First Half Of 2017

This is part of my Sky vs... recap series. Each month I'll be sharing what the month before held as well as some of my favorite things.¬†Since I've been lazy and not done this at all in 2017, consider this a catch up post! How are we already¬†halfway through 2017? I swear it was January 1st the other day... Boruca during "El Juego de los Diablitos" TRAVEL For the first 2 months of 2017, I didn't do a whole lot. I've been focused on... Read More »

The Places We Don’t Share

As a writer, I'm always thinking of the ways I can put my life on paper, whether it's through a city guide for a travel website, an article on a business with a mission that inspires me, a personal essay for a lifestyle publication or a post for this blog. I haven't always been good at this but as writing transitions into actually being a career for me, I find myself researching destinations before I travel just looking for that perfect... Read More »

2017 Travel Plans and Goals

I know 2016 was basically The Worst Year Ever for a lot of people and while the first half of the year definitely knocked me off my feet, it wasn't the most tragic year ever. I did a lot of cool things in 2016, from being maid of honor in my best friend's wedding to heading to Bonnaroo solo to moving to Honduras AND Costa Rica and I like to think the cool things balanced out the shitty things. That said, I was still happy to start the new... Read More »

How You Can Add More Love To The World

There is a lot of hate in the world right now. I've seen it in my newsfeed during the weeks leading up to the election and this week, in the days following the election, it's even more apparent. It can be overwhelming at times. I like to believe that love always wins, that sooner or later love will always come out on top. This is true not only in the United States but in the entire world. Instead of dwelling on my frustration and anger,... Read More »

A Few Thoughts on Leaving Again

This time last year I was slowly adjusting to life back in my hometown - devastated by the unexpected loss of my grandfather and selfishly heartbroken at having cut my trip short. I was confused and torn about what to do next - did I stay home to be with my family or did I jump on the next plane out of town? I had already committed to volunteering in Honduras and there was so much of Nicaragua I had yet to explore (which is one of my travel... Read More »