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Orosi Valley Costa Rica

Unforgettable Moments from My First Trip Abroad

Over the past few weeks, my Facebook β€œOn This Day...” feed has (mostly) taken a break from the statuses about boys and heartbroken quotes and instead turned to photos of luggage, mountains, beaches and baby sloths. I'm not too sure what I was doing last February – nothing exciting, apparently – but two years ago in February I was a month into my first solo adventure. I can't believe it's been two years since I first stepped foot in... Read More »

Studying Spanish at Montana Linda

I had two reasons for visiting Costa Rica - San Jose was the cheapest place to fly to in Central America and I heard that Costa Rica was a fantastic place to learn Spanish. I had also heard that Costa Rica was really, really expensive. This tidbit was confirmed when I began researching Spanish schools and found that many were charging upwards of $500-800 per week while schools in Nicaragua and Guatemala were charging only a third of that. I... Read More »

Welcome to Costa Rica: Pura Vida in Orosi

My first impression of Costa Rica is not unlike my first impression of Guatemala and Panama - clean airports, long custom lines, and a general uncertainty of "What am I even doing here?" However, unlike in Guatemala and Panama, in Costa Rica I arrive alone, exhausted after nearly 48 hours of travel, with thoughts of everything that could possibly go wrong running through my head. My first view of Costa Rica There's no time for hesitation... Read More »