Sunday Inspiration is a new feature I’m starting to share my favorite travel inspiration, obsessions + thought provoking things from around the web this week. 

Current music obsession: Subeme La Radio. Cannot get enough of this song, I’ve been playing it on repeat an obnoxious amount for the entire week and am actually close to being able to sing the majority of it in Spanish!

Currently reading: Still working on Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Best Moment of the Week: Boating in the Papagayo Peninsula on Saturday as an early birthday present from my friends. My first time on a (real) boat and it was awesome. What’s better than boating, drinking, and swimming on a Saturday?

Things Worth Reading This Week:


Because, here’s the truth: most of us don’t “overcome” our depression and anxiety.

They aren’t the sort of thing you can magically remove, that you beat back and move on from.

They’re the sort of thing that, for most of us, come back around.

And around.

And around.

-You’re Already Whole: Some Thoughts on Depression and Anxiety

This is a sobering report on who is actually being affected by Trump’s new immigration measures. (Hint: it’s not “bad hombres”.)

The Sweetest Way is one of my favorite blogs for travel + location independence inspiration. I love her guide on the questions you need to ask to create your dream life. Good stuff!

This blog is not my main source of income but I hope that one day it is. This post by Goats on the Road on exactly how they earn a six-figure income from their travel blog was super inspiring! If you have a blog or are thinking of starting one, I highly recommend reading the guide!

I’ve never used Airbnb and after reading so many posts about the negative effects it’s having on communities, I’m not sure I ever will. This post on why one user rents out on Airbnb just to pay rent was pretty eyeopening!

Coming Up This Week: This week is all about focusing on work…because on Friday, I’m heading on vacation! I’ll be wifi-less from Friday to Wednesday and I am so looking forward to it!

How was your week? Tell me about your current obsessions and the best moment of your week below!