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A few days ago, I wrote about my 24 hours in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  which just happened to be a highlight of my trip home to Pennsylvania. Now, I’m spilling all of the details about my accommodation in downtown Gettysburg – the Inn at Lincoln Square.

Where To Stay in Gettysburg

When I was researching my trip for Gettysburg, I was 100% certain about one thing – I was NOT staying in a haunted hotel. I don’t care if ghosts “aren’t real”, I am a chicken and didn’t sleep for weeks when my fifth grade teacher made us watch Gettysburg ghost stories in class.

So no, as far as I’m concerned being haunted is not a cool factor for a hotel. It’s a run-the-other-way factor. Unfortunately, there happens to be quite a few hotels in Gettysburg who claim to be home to this ghost or that ghost or, you know, fifty ghosts of angry Confederate soldiers. Several thousand soldiers (and one civilian) did die in this town during the battle, after all.

Even so, I still wanted to stay somewhere historical and Gettysburg-ish (aka not a massive chain motel on the outskirts of town) which led me to the Inn at Lincoln Square. It’s located right in the center of everything, it’s priced comparably to the other small inns in Gettysburg, and though there is history attached to the building, there was no announcement of ghosts on their website.



A Brief History Of The Inn At Lincoln Square

Remember how I wanted to stay somewhere historical? Well, it turns out that the Inn at Lincoln Square is one of only four buildings that witnessed the Battle of Gettysburg and still stand today.

The Inn at Lincoln Square began as the Danner House, home to Joel Buchanan Danner and his family. Mr. Danner held many important positions in Gettysburg, including Justice of Peace and helped to organize an emergency militia if the war should ever reach Gettysburg. During the war, he was on Gettysburg’s Central Relief Committee.

Eventually, the Danner House was passed through his family for generations until it was eventually turned into the first YWCA in Gettysburg. It remained a YWCA until the needs of the YWCA were bigger than the building and in 2010, the Danner House became the Inn at Lincoln Square.


Inn at Lincoln Square entryway Where to Stay in gettysburg

Entryway to the Inn

Staying At The Inn At Lincoln Square

The Inn at Lincoln Square is small, with 3 one bedroom suites in the main building and two townhouses in the back. I loved how private it was as well as how safe it felt – the front door automatically locks so unless you have a key, you’re not getting in – and I didn’t see any other guests during my time there. Since there’s only three rooms, there is no overnight reception or guard but when I had a question after-hours, I just called the number on the website and got help from the innkeeper.

How do you make a guest feel welcome? Greet them by name and offer them a freshly baked muffin. I was impressed by both of those things, as well as the energy of the innkeeper. She was determined that I get the most out of my stay at the Inn as well as my visit to Gettysburg, making sure to show me all the features of the suite (hello, hideaway kitchen!) and offering suggestions on what to do and where to eat in town.

I stayed in the Irene Danner Suite, named after for the benefactor of the Gettysburg YWCA. The suite was split into a sitting room area and large bedroom area, with a hideaway kitchen separating the two. The sitting area had a table, small sofa, and chair.

And an electric fireplace which was, hands-down, my favorite part of the room.

Where to stay in Gettysburg Inn at Lincoln Square

The bedroom area includes a king-size bed, television, desk, and plenty of storage. The bed was super comfy – I may have spent most of my evening propped up there with my laptop. There’s just something a bit fancy about a bed you need a stepstool to climb in and I loved it.

Basically, the entire suite was the approximate size of my one bedroom house in Costa Rica and as soon as I walked in, I wished I was staying longer. The Inn At Lincoln Square is the type of hotel that makes you want to stay more than one night.

where to stay in Gettysburg inn at lincoln square


Amenities at the Inn at Lincoln Square include free wifi (that works very well!), cable TV, lots of seating options, a kitchen with a stove, microwave, fridge and a Keurig stocked with tea and coffee.

They also offer off-street parking for guests which was super nice considering my inability to parallel park and constant lack of quarters.

I loved the location because it was right in the center of town. It took me a whole 5 minutes to drive to the Mason Dixon Distillery and the next morning I was able to hop out of bed and start my morning next door at the David Wills House before doing a bit of wandering. It’s also a great location if you plan on going out at night.

Overall, if you’re looking for historic (but not haunted) place to stay in Gettysburg, the Inn at Lincoln Square is it.

Book Your Stay At The Inn At Lincoln Square

Rates at the Inn at Lincoln Square start at $160 per night for the suites and $195 per night for the townhouses. There is a 2-night minimum stay during high season. Book your stay here

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