Though I’ve been mentioning my trip for months and have given the vague plan of spending 2015 traveling from Costa Rica to Mexico, I realized I’ve never discussed my Central America travel plans in-depth.

This is partially because I’m leaving room to change my mind and partially because I was waiting to hear back from organizations prior to making any official announcements. But, since the trip is less than 2 months away and plans are more or less in place, I decided it was time to share my plans.

I’ll be flying from Pittsburgh to Costa Rica on January 7th and then…

Montana Linda. I’ll be spending the first few weeks of my trip in the Orosi Valley of Costa Rica. Montana Linda is a small Spanish school/hostel set up and I will be taking intensive Spanish classes while staying in their hostel. I’ll be heading here directly after landing to improve (read – learn) my Spanish. Since this is my first time traveling, I didn’t want to completely jump in by myself and I think this is a nice option. Also, it’s gorgeous there and way cheaper than the bigger cities in Costa Rica.

Orosi Valley Costa Rica

Overlooking Orosi Valley, Costa Rica (image source)

Costa Rica. Depending on whether I stay at Montana Linda for two or three weeks, I may have approximately a week and a half to explore the rest of Costa Rica. I’m not positive if this is going to happen or not so I currently have no specific plans – I doubt I will find myself with nothing to do in Costa Rica.

La Esperanza, Nicaragua. After departing from Costa Rica I will be heading to my first volunteer placement. I will be spending February, March, and April volunteering as a kindergarten assistant with this grassroots organization. I’m excited to be working with these guys as their motto is a hand up, not a hand out.

Honduras Child Alliance. When my volunteer placement in Nicaragua is finished I will be heading straight to Honduras for another 3 months of volunteering with children. Like with La Esperanza, I am excited to be working with HCA they work with the community instead of for the community, encouraging education and allowing opportunities for others to help themselves.

Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal, Guatemala (image source)

Guatemala. Shortly after leaving Honduras, I’ll end up in Guatemala. I currently have no plans as for what I will be doing or how long I will be there. I just can’t wait to be there – I’m going to take my time exploring cities I’ve only spent a few hours in, hopefully head up to Tikal, and then spend some time with my Guatemalan family. I’m assuming I’ll be here for several months since I won’t want to leave once I arrive.

These are, of course, only the biggest plans for my trip. I intend to hit every country, including El Salvador and Belize, before flying home from Mexico. It’s such a diverse area and I’m going to make an effort to see and do as much as possible, without planning every second and allowing time to travel slowly. You can read about a few of the things I want to do in Central America here and I also wrote an article about CA as a budget destination here.

Photo by Erin Simmons on Unsplash