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How Much Spanish Can You Learn in 3 Weeks?

  I arrived in Costa Rica with very limited Spanish knowledge.Though I'd taken the language for two years in high school, I had retained little beyond "Hola" and "Como esta?". Though I knew it would be possible (and inconvenient) to backpack Central America without learning the language, I saw learning Spanish as a sign of respect for the people of these countries. After all, Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the... Read More »

Studying Spanish at Montana Linda

I had two reasons for visiting Costa Rica - San Jose was the cheapest place to fly to in Central America and I heard that Costa Rica was a fantastic place to learn Spanish. I had also heard that Costa Rica was really, really expensive. This tidbit was confirmed when I began researching Spanish schools and found that many were charging upwards of $500-800 per week while schools in Nicaragua and Guatemala were charging only a third of that. I... Read More »

5 Essential Spanish Learning Resources

Learning Spanish is one of my main focuses for 2015 - partially because I'll be traveling through Central America this year and partially because it's something that I've always said I would do. Languages fascinate me and I believe that learning Spanish is going to be only the beginning for me. However, while I can dream about learning six other languages, right now I'm just trying to figure out Spanish. It's not the easiest thing to do but... Read More »

Spanish by the River – Learning Spanish in Boquete, Panama

“Anoche nosotros...what's the word for ants again?” “Hormigas!” The final morning of our stay at Spanish by the River began much the same as the previous two weeks – myself and three of my friends sitting under one of the outside classrooms for our early morning Spanish class. As usual, our teacher started each class by asking how we spent the night – and, as usual, one of my classmates began to recount his nightly "invasion"... Read More »