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Visiting the Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York

Visiting Historic Seneca Falls, New York

Seeing my BFF Chelsie is always a top priority when I'm in the States, regardless of which state she's in (though thankfully she's always on the East Coast). She recently moved to Seneca Falls, NY with her husband and informed me she was not visiting me this time, I had to come to Seneca Falls because I would love it. I figured she just didn't want to drive to see me and since Seneca Falls is part of the Finger Lakes region of New York, it... Read More »

Joyabaj, Guatemala – A Love Story

(This post was originally published on Sky vs World in 2014. However, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for Guatemala and decided it was time to share it again.) Before I headed to Guatemala for the first time, my friend and I joked that I would fall madly in love. We were talking about the Guatemalan boys, of course, but as cute as they may be, speaking the same language is generally on my list of dating requirements. However, it seems that we... Read More »

Welcome to Costa Rica: Pura Vida in Orosi

My first impression of Costa Rica is not unlike my first impression of Guatemala and Panama - clean airports, long custom lines, and a general uncertainty of "What am I even doing here?" However, unlike in Guatemala and Panama, in Costa Rica I arrive alone, exhausted after nearly 48 hours of travel, with thoughts of everything that could possibly go wrong running through my head. My first view of Costa Rica There's no time for hesitation... Read More »

Eating My Way Through the West Side Market + Ohio City

This past Labor Day, my best friend and I found ourselves in Cleveland. The primary reason behind the trip was the Luke Bryan concert that evening, which I had bought tickets for as her graduation present, but having driven 8 hours to get there, I wasn’t about to let an entire day go by without doing at least a bit of exploring. Our original plan was to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but my music obsession meant I wanted to spend... Read More »

Market Day in Joyabaj

Thursdays and Sundays are my favorite days in Guatemala because they are the market days in Joyabaj. By the time I wake up, the town square is transformed from an empty area to a bustling little market. However, unlike Panajachel and the markets in various tourist towns, the market in Joyabaj is meant for the locals, not tourists. This, I think, makes the market an even better experience. The Joyabaj market is hot, crowded, and... Read More »