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Ramen, Milkshakes, and Heights: A Girl’s Day in Pittsburgh

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to properly explore Pittsburgh and took my best friend on an impromptu adventure across the city - because, of course, it would have made life too easy if I had made up an itinerary that kept us in the same general location. Thankfully, Pittsburgh is a pretty easy city to navigate, even for non-city drivers like me. We started the day at Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill. The restaurant offers authentic... Read More »

20 Memorable Moments from Year 20

As of last month, I am officially legal in the United States! The fact that I made my first legal alcohol purchase in Costa Rica did not make turning 21 any less exciting and, lucky me, my birthday fell on a Friday so I was able to go out and celebrate that night. I ended up celebrating my birthday for three weeks and I can honestly say that between two concerts, a road trip, a weekend with my second family, two birthday cakes, my boss showing... Read More »

Sky vs…Monday Night Football

“Your turn,” my aunt said as she emerged from the bathroom, handing me the black and gold paint she had just used on her face. I hesitated before drawing a few lines under my eyes. Between the jersey, several sizes too big, that I had stolen from my dad, the beanie I had just purchased at Giant Eagle, and the now black and gold “football lines” on my face, I looked like your average Pittsburgh Steelers fan – no one would know I knew... Read More »

5 Months in a New City – A Pittsburgh Update

It seems unbelievable but it has officially been a little over 5 months since I took a leap and moved to Pittsburgh. In some ways, it's hard to believe that it has been that long but at times I forget it has only been 5 months - this has become my home and it just feels like I've been here forever. When I moved here, I wasn't sure what to expect - I had no idea if this would ever become "home". The first few weeks were awkward - getting used... Read More »

New Year = New City

Remember how I decided my goal for this year was to be independent? Well, just 9 days into the new year, I made my first Big Girl decision. I packed up my car and moved to Pittsburgh. This is my first time living with anyone other than my parents or grandparents, the first time I haven't lived in the middle of nowhere, the first time I am completely responsible for myself. And, quite honestly, this was probably the best decision I... Read More »