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Visiting the Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York

Visiting Historic Seneca Falls, New York

Seeing my BFF Chelsie is always a top priority when I'm in the States, regardless of which state she's in (though thankfully she's always on the East Coast). She recently moved to Seneca Falls, NY with her husband and informed me she was not visiting me this time, I had to come to Seneca Falls because I would love it. I figured she just didn't want to drive to see me and since Seneca Falls is part of the Finger Lakes region of New York, it... Read More »

Bonnaroo 2016: Welcome to the Farm

I took a deep breath as I loaded my bag into my car. Though I had been looking forward to Bonnaroo for months, I had spent the morning in a panic, my mind full of irrational “what ifs” and doubt, an unwelcome remainder of the severe anxiety I had been experiencing months prior. I considered turning back, even though I had already made it all the way from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, just a few hours from Manchester, Tennessee and attending... Read More »

10 Music Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

My love for music is the driving force behind many of my 2016 travels. My upcoming trip to Pittsburgh is based around a few concerts I want to attend and my entire US roadtrip is being planned around being able to attend Bonnaroo and Firefly. I’m excited because 2015 was a pretty pathetic year for me in terms of discovering music and going to shows, especially following the year I lived in Pittsburgh and more or less when to a show every week.... Read More »

Ramen, Milkshakes, and Heights: A Girl’s Day in Pittsburgh

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to properly explore Pittsburgh and took my best friend on an impromptu adventure across the city - because, of course, it would have made life too easy if I had made up an itinerary that kept us in the same general location. Thankfully, Pittsburgh is a pretty easy city to navigate, even for non-city drivers like me. We started the day at Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill. The restaurant offers authentic... Read More »

20 Memorable Moments from Year 20

As of last month, I am officially legal in the United States! The fact that I made my first legal alcohol purchase in Costa Rica did not make turning 21 any less exciting and, lucky me, my birthday fell on a Friday so I was able to go out and celebrate that night. I ended up celebrating my birthday for three weeks and I can honestly say that between two concerts, a road trip, a weekend with my second family, two birthday cakes, my boss showing... Read More »