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Spanish by the River – Learning Spanish in Boquete, Panama

“Anoche nosotros...what's the word for ants again?” “Hormigas!” The final morning of our stay at Spanish by the River began much the same as the previous two weeks – myself and three of my friends sitting under one of the outside classrooms for our early morning Spanish class. As usual, our teacher started each class by asking how we spent the night – and, as usual, one of my classmates began to recount his nightly "invasion"... Read More »

Sky vs….White Water Rafting

When I signed up for the trip to Panama, I knew that it was going to be challenging. That was the reason I had chosen not to attend the previous year, why I hesitated a million times before officially deciding to go. Yet when I signed up, it was supposed to be my fear of heights, not rushing water and drowning, that I would be facing, so when the trip leader decided last minute we would be whitewater rafting instead of ziplining, I kind of... Read More »