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Joyabaj, Guatemala – A Love Story

(This post was originally published on Sky vs World in 2014. However, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for Guatemala and decided it was time to share it again.) Before I headed to Guatemala for the first time, my friend and I joked that I would fall madly in love. We were talking about the Guatemalan boys, of course, but as cute as they may be, speaking the same language is generally on my list of dating requirements. However, it seems that we... Read More »

5 Things I Want to Do in Central America

As I plan more of my trip and read posts from others who have traveled throughout the region my list of "must do's" is growing - much faster than my wallet. The entire region is full of Fun Exciting Things - though this can probably be partially contributed to the fact this is my first major trip. I know that I won't be able to visit every region of every country or visit every single place I want - my main focus is volunteering and I will... Read More »

Saving for Travel – April Spending Freeze

I am terrible at saving money. Really, really terrible. I put money into savings yet somehow it always manages to find its way back into my checking as the balance dips close to zero. Needless to say, that is a bad habit and, with all of this travel coming up, it's a habit that can't continue. I can't get by throwing a few bucks into savings here and there - if I'm going to Guatemala, saving for travel needs to be my #1 priority. (Photo... Read More »

Market Day in Joyabaj

Thursdays and Sundays are my favorite days in Guatemala because they are the market days in Joyabaj. By the time I wake up, the town square is transformed from an empty area to a bustling little market. However, unlike Panajachel and the markets in various tourist towns, the market in Joyabaj is meant for the locals, not tourists. This, I think, makes the market an even better experience. The Joyabaj market is hot, crowded, and... Read More »

Visiting Mixco Viejo

Each time I have taken a trip to Guatemala, I have stopped at the Mixco Viejo ruins on my way from Guatemala City to Joyabaj. The ruins are about 2 and a half hours outside of Guatemala City and while not nearly as big as other famous ruins, such as Tikal, they are still full of magnificent history. Entrance to Mixco Viejo The ruins are open to the public, though there is an entrance fee (something like 5Q for Guatemalans, and 20Q for... Read More »