Bucket List

Sky’s List of Places to Go and Things to Do

horseback riding at Playa Chiquita Riding Adventures

Fulfilling my dream of riding a horse on the Caribbean

  • Spend 6 months studying Arabic in Morocco
  • Backpack through every country in Central America (so far: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala)
  • Achieve fluency in Spanish
  • Volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand
  • Hike a volcano
  • Watch the sun rise
  • Watch the sunset from a beach
  • Study Mayan culture and history in Guatemala
  • Learn basic K’iche in Guatemala
  • Write a travel memoir
  • Own a house (or island) abroad
  • Write a travel memoir
  • Sponsor a library for children abroad
  • Visit all 50 states
  • Teach English abroad
  • Hike Machu Picchu
  • Backpack Southeast Asia
  • Roadtrip the United States
  • Go to Burning Man
  • Spend a summer festival-hopping
  • Visit the Harry Potter amusement park in Florida
  • Study + read all major religious texts
  • Spend New Year’s Eve in New York City
  • Attend the Paris Writing Workshop
  • Take the Matador U travel writing course
  • Visit New York City
  • Explore more of Pennsylvania (my home state)
  • Learn calligraphy
  • Learn to ride a horse
  • Figure out meditation
  • Travel to Africa

Off the Bucket List

5 thoughts on “Bucket List

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  2. Adela

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  4. Anja

    Regarding: Swim with dolphins and Elephants

    I know it seems wonderful and fantastic to swim with dolphins, but I urge you to watch the documentary film “The Cove” to learn what it really, truly means. You may change your mind.

    If we pay for a dolphin experience, swim with the dolphins at a resort or theme park, or to ride an elephant that just spurs people to trap, poach, beat, terrorize, abuse more dolphins and elephants (elephant rides in SE Asia). If we stay away and don’t spend our money on those experiences less dolphins and elephants are hurt. The bottom line is that we vote with our cash what we want to see happen more or less often. Spending money on things that harm animals causes more animals to be harmed in the future because we fuel demand with our cash. Staying away….means less animals are harmed as we are not feeding the industry to expand.

    Exercise caution when choosing an elephant sanctuary. Some are fake and not what they seem at first glance. You can find videos online of “elephant training” of elephants to carry tourists and the poor babies being beaten bloody, terrorized and have their spirit broken. It is disturbing. Some of the poachers have opened up fake elephant sanctuaries and they use poached elephants to show tourists when they are not a real elephant sanctuary. Please be careful and choose wisely.

    Thanks. Have fun!

    1. Sky Post author

      I appreciate your comment. I absolutely agree – that’s why I changed my bucket list from “ride an elephant” to “Volunteer at a Sanctuary”. I’m particularly interested in working at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand as I’ve heard to many wonderful things and a friend who volunteered there actually made me aware of the torture elephants face.

      As for the dolphins, I actually forgot that was on my list. (I made this a first years ago!) I definitely have no intentions of swimming at a resort or theme park. I need to do a bit more research to discover if it is at all possible to swim with them in the wild. I know there was a big issue surrounding that at TBEX.

      Thanks again for your comment. Knowledge is power!


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