There are moments in life when it’s worth considering isolating yourself from under-18s and simply enjoying a tranquil and relaxed environment, like an adults-only resort. This is true whether you’re parents with kids or just someone frequently surrounded by children in public environments. I mean, I love children but there are times when I also just want to relax and enjoy a beach to myself, something I became very aware of in Bocas del Toro when it was impossible to escape children at one of the beaches.

If you are parents, then the escape will help you appreciate your family even more when you come back, and if you can find someone to look after your kids, you can probably spend a little more on a luxury destination as you’ll only have the expense of two people.

And while adults-only resorts are often aimed at couples, that doesn’t mean solo travelers can’t enjoy them either. One of my favorite stories that I read in a travel Facebook group was of a girl who took herself to The Springs Resort in Arenal, Costa Rica – the very same resort featured on shows like The Bachelor and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. While the staff was a bit surprised at first and inquired if someone would be joining her, they went above and beyond to make sure she had the luxury retreat of a lifetime. She left feeling completely rejuvenated and pampered and ready to tackle the “real world”.

Adults only resort in Costa Rica // photo via Pixabay

A trip with the all the age-groups can be fun, but it does limit you in terms of activities. Whether solo or with a significant other, at an adults-only resort it’s just easier to go with the flow, taking each trip at a time and choosing activities depending on how the day pans out. There’s no need to plan your relaxing pool time around when a large family isn’t there and no need to worry about the shouts of a child interrupting your massage.

It’s worth pointing out that how wrong it is to think that an adults-only location is the same as an 18-30s vacation. The level of class and luxury is very different. Truly mature and sophisticated travelers should try a resort chain specialized in all-inclusive resort management, namely Excellence Resorts, which live up to their name and provide exclusive and high-quality service to all their guests.

No screaming kids to interrupt your massage // Photo via Pixabay

Many resorts that cater to adults alone are in beautiful remote locations, such that while they’re harder to come across by accident, they are away from the crowds. Exclusive locations mean less fighting for a spot on the beach, less trash diverting your attention away from the spectacular view, and better service as the staff can concentrate on the few guests they have to keep happy.

If you’ve never been away on a romantic holiday or truly treated yourself to a luxurious trip, an “adults-only” vacation is something you have to try! Get away with your partner, treat yourself or head off on a girl’s only trip to somewhere warm and sunny. It may not be the way you decide to take every trip but whether it’s an annual occurrence or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it will definitely be a trip you’ll never forget!

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Adults-only resorts aren't just for couples! #solotravelers can enjoy them too!