Today’s post is brought to you by Agness and Cez from, who are providing you with a wanderlust-inducing list of reasons why Iceland should be on your bucket list. It’s one of my dream destinations and after reading this post, I’m ready to hop on a plane NOW.


Iceland waterfall

Acting as one of the most sought-after travel destinations, Iceland is becoming a hotspot for global getaways.  The reasons are so appealing that they may even lure you into buying a plane ticket straight to the incredible Icelandic sights…


1.) You’ll have a Whale of a time!

Icelandic waters are irresistible to the local whales. As the ocean is vast, there are two mixing currents that they love to bathe in. What’s amazing is that it’s possible to discover around 20 species and you get the chance to capture those rare moments when they hit the surface of the sea. Whale watching in Iceland has become increasingly popular over the years. Summer is considered to be the best season to see one of the many species and there are plenty of boat tours that will whisk you around the Icelandic waters. You’ll certainly have a whale of a time here!

Iceland glacier

2.) Get a look at the Glaciers

Giant glaciers and extraordinary icebergs outline the Icelandic waters. They are another trendy travel attraction. Each glacier has its own character, which you will discover on your tour. Known as the ‘sleeping giants’, their majestic beauty has stopped many tourists in their tracks. Some of these structures even have their own folklore and geological features as they’re such a prominent part of Iceland’s history. If you’ve ever considered climbing one, you must remember that it’s an extreme sport and you MUST go with a professional hiking guide if you’re a newbie. Or, if you’d prefer to see them by sailing, you can also get a great look from Greenland cruises.

3.) Feast on Icelandic Food

Well, there’s SO much to taste in Iceland that you won’t know where to start! If you want to stick to the mainstream type of dish, then you can opt for a hot dog. In Iceland they’re usually made up of pork, beef and lamb. If you order one with ‘the works’ then be prepared as it will be smothered with sweet mustard, fried onions, ketchup and remoulade sauce (mixture of sweet relish and mayo). If you want to try something a little more traditional, then there’s the Icelandic meat soup to warm you up. Plus, you can snack on some dried fish if you’re still hungry afterwards…

Icelandic horse

4.) Ride free on Wild Horses

The idea of reconnecting with nature and riding a horse through the wild ice-landscape may just be your ticket to travel paradise! As the seasons go by, you get the chance to experience horseback riding. It’s an amazing way to view the country’s grassy fields and gorgeous textures. Nevertheless, if you’re nervous about riding a horse, then you can always observe the way they gracefully gallop. Each year, tourists watch in awe as hundreds of horses run wild together and roam free during the summer months. That’s just another reason why Iceland is so fascinating.

5.) Magical Music at Harpa Concert Hall

Simply search the web for images of Harpa Concert Hall and the architecture will astound you. Now, imagine seeing that up close. With its award-winning design, a night at Harpa would be a treat. If you don’t have the time to watch a performance there, then you may want to hop onto a Harpa guided tour. During the tour you’d get to see the glass facade and how the Icelandic nature inspired the hall’s construction. The informative guide will also let you know a few of the hidden secrets and stories which occurred on Harpa’s premises. Mystery awaits you in Iceland…

6.) Say Hello to the Elves

Whether you think it’s true or not, the majority of people in Iceland believe in invisible elves. Surveys have found that more than half of Icelanders want to protect these native creatures and their legacy. They’re not the classic Christmas elves with pointed hats and cute button noses. They’re actually the same size as humans but you just can’t see them. People believe in the elves so much that plans to build through their habitat have been stopped. Locals do not want to cause harm to their transparent neighbors and wish to keep the peace. Therefore, blasting through their rocks and their houses is not an option. If you’re a believer or not, you’ll have to show the elves the same respect as you would with another human being. Be prepared to make some new acquaintances on your adventure!

7.) Dip into a Steamy Spa

Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful outdoor spas in the world with its bright water and rocky landscape. Relaxing in a geothermal pool is a must! It’s advised to make a reservation, especially at the blue lagoon. Due to its popularity, there are timed tickets and huge queues depending on the season you go. It’s recommended that you tie your hair up at a geothermal spa as the minerals may irritate your lovely locks. Also, coating your hair with conditioner is recommended as it holds in all the needed nutrients and prevents it from drying out. Despite the beauty tips, an Icelandic spa is hard to beat.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

8.) Feel alive at a Festival

Even though Iceland is recognized for its idyllic landscape and quaint countryside appeal, there’s also a very lively side to the country which you’ll soon discover. In Reykjavík, there are weekly events and the stand-up scene is booming. Live jazz is a must-see and dancing the tango is catching on in the city. Festivals in Iceland include the famous Iceland Airwaves and the stylish Secret Solstice musical getaway. The country welcomes international artists from all over the world and nurtures creative talent.

As you can tell, these are only a few reasons to unearth the Nordic island country. The rest is left for you to discover…

Is Iceland on your bucket list? If you’ve been before, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!