A Few Thoughts on Leaving Again

This time last year I was slowly adjusting to life back in my hometown - devastated by the unexpected loss of my grandfather and selfishly heartbroken at having cut my trip short. I was confused and torn about what to do next - did I stay home to be with my family or did I jump on the next plane out of town? I had already committed to volunteering in Honduras and there was so much of Nicaragua I had yet to explore (which is one of my travel... Read More »
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My Central America Packing List

Let's be real – packing sucks. Period. Packing for an entire year in only one bag? Really, really sucks. The last time I went on a two week trip I ended up taking an entire suitcase plus a carry-on and now I'm attempting to shove an entire year's worth of stuff into something I can pack on my back. The last time I tried this I didn't do the best - I found myself wishing I hadn't brought this or that I had brought more of that. This time my... Read More »

Joyabaj, Guatemala – A Love Story

(This post was originally published on Sky vs World in 2014. However, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for Guatemala and decided it was time to share it again.) Before I headed to Guatemala for the first time, my friend and I joked that I would fall madly in love. We were talking about the Guatemalan boys, of course, but as cute as they may be, speaking the same language is generally on my list of dating requirements. However, it seems that we... Read More »

When Depression Knocks The Light Out of You

(Fair warning - this post is far more personal than anything else I've written and it's not related to travel but it's affected every part of my life - including this blog - so I think it's time to break the silence.) I was officially diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety when I was 18. However, the depression truly started much earlier than that - I was in 7th grade when I became suicidal for the first time. By senior year of... Read More »

5 Books to Inspire Wanderlust

Books were my escape, long before I ever stepped foot in an airport. Today, they’re my favorite getaway when I’m between trips or stuck in my hometown for an extended period of time. Travel memoirs, particularly written by solo female travelers, are my favorite but I’m always on the lookout for an outstanding travel-inspired work of fiction as well. Here are 5 of my favorite books that inspire me to get off the couch and travel. The... Read More »