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How I Ended Up in Costa Rica + the Beginnings of Being a Digital Nomad

from my first trip to Orosi, Costa Rica When I said just over two years ago, having completely fallen in love with Orosi and the pura vida lifestyle, that I would someday live in Costa Rica, I wasn't thinking about that actually happening in the near future. Living in Costa Rica was a 5 year, a 10 year goal that was based more on how I felt having just set off on my first trip than actually having a desire to live in Costa Rica. And yet... Read More »
travel scarf

A Traveler’s Christmas List

When you're planning on living out of a backpack for the indefinite future, it can be difficult to give someone gift ideas. With the holidays fast approaching, I find myself constantly answering "What do you want for Christmas?" and, it seems, "nothing" is an answer few are willing to accept. I've learned to become specific in what I ask for - here are a few things on my list this year, along with a few things I have and looove - so if you're... Read More »

The Art of Saying Goodbye

I am convinced that “goodbye” is the hardest word in the English language. Living a life of travel, it's a word I say frequently and it never really gets easier. Just this year, I have said goodbye to my friends and family in Pennsylvania (twice),the many volunteers that came and went while I was in Honduras, the boy who was very close to stealing my heart, the students who always brightened my day in class, the best friend I have no idea... Read More »

How You Can Add More Love To The World

There is a lot of hate in the world right now. I've seen it in my newsfeed during the weeks leading up to the election and this week, in the days following the election, it's even more apparent. It can be overwhelming at times. I like to believe that love always wins, that sooner or later love will always come out on top. This is true not only in the United States but in the entire world. Instead of dwelling on my frustration and anger,... Read More »

I (Still) Suck at Spanish

Since high school, learning Spanish has been on my to-do list. The three years I took in high school taught me next to nothing – cyber school meant that was only a few clicks away and I rarely needed to speak. I would go through random periods of trying to teach myself with the Practice Makes Perfect series and the internet but never kept it up for more than a few weeks. In 2014, I did 3 weeks of Spanish classes in Orosi,... Read More »