5 Books to Inspire Wanderlust

Books were my escape, long before I ever stepped foot in an airport. Today, they’re my favorite getaway when I’m between trips or stuck in my hometown for an extended period of time. Travel memoirs, particularly written by solo female travelers, are my favorite but I’m always on the lookout for an outstanding travel-inspired work of fiction as well. Here are 5 of my favorite books that inspire me to get off the couch and travel. The... Read More »
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Saving for Travel – Back to Basics

When I returned home from Nicaragua, I was broke. I had enough money to stay in Nicaragua because volunteering kept my expenses low and I was making enough money freelancing each month to cover those expenses and have a little fun. I spent more money getting to the airport to fly home than I had in the two weeks prior. Then I arrived home to prices at least triple what I had been paying along with bills - car insurance and a cell phone - that... Read More »
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5 Things I’ll Do Differently When I Travel Again

My trip to Central America was full of trial and error. Despite reading hundreds of travel blogs over the past few years, I still felt like I had no idea how to travel. Packing was a stressful nightmare and the days leading up to my departure were full of anxiety. I did a lot of things right, like starting off in Orosi and arranging airport transport (I figured late night in a foreign country was not the best time for my first bus ride), and,... Read More »

22 Things To Do Before I Turn 22

Last year I created a list of 21 things I wanted to do before I turned 21. I fully expected to be able to check off at least half of them...but as I reviewed the list right before my birthday, I realized I had barely done anything on the list. Yet, somehow, 20 turned out to be a pretty fantastic year. I’m still a listaholic and a goal-setter, though, so of course I made a list of 22 things I need to do before my next birthday. Hopefully... Read More »

Eating My Way Through the West Side Market + Ohio City

This past Labor Day, my best friend and I found ourselves in Cleveland. The primary reason behind the trip was the Luke Bryan concert that evening, which I had bought tickets for as her graduation present, but having driven 8 hours to get there, I wasn’t about to let an entire day go by without doing at least a bit of exploring. Our original plan was to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but my music obsession meant I wanted to spend... Read More »