The Small Things – Riding a Bus Solo

The Small Things is a regular feature where I document the moments that aren't quite big enough for a full post but still feel significant – because sometimes the small things in life are the most important. Until this weekend, I had never been on any form of public transportation beyond a school bus in my early years. I'm sure for those of you who live in the city this is hard to believe but growing up in the country, public transportation... Read More »
First smoothie! Yum!

Welcome to Costa Rica: Pura Vida in Orosi

My first impression of Costa Rica is not unlike my first impression of Guatemala and Panama - clean airports, long custom lines, and a general uncertainty of "What am I even doing here?" However, unlike in Guatemala and Panama, in Costa Rica I arrive alone, exhausted after nearly 48 hours of travel, with thoughts of everything that could possibly go wrong running through my head. My first view of Costa Rica There's no time for hesitation... Read More »
spanish learning resources

5 Essential Spanish Learning Resources

Learning Spanish is one of my main focuses for 2015 - partially because I'll be traveling through Central America this year and partially because it's something that I've always said I would do. Languages fascinate me and I believe that learning Spanish is going to be only the beginning for me. However, while I can dream about learning six other languages, right now I'm just trying to figure out Spanish. It's not the easiest thing to do but... Read More »
A Day to Remember

That Time I Became A Total Fangirl

Music is life. It is the addictive drug that keeps me going each day, more than travel or writing (though I love combining all 3). I more or less listen to everything - my playlists range from Ed Sheeran to Def Leppard, Luke Bryan to Rob Zombie, Dropkick Murphys to Paramore and everything in between. I tend to bounce between genres depending on my mood - summer is typically reserved for country and pop while the rest of the year finds me... Read More »
(photo courtesy of Spanish by the River)

Spanish by the River – Learning Spanish in Boquete, Panama

“Anoche nosotros...what's the word for ants again?” “Hormigas!” The final morning of our stay at Spanish by the River began much the same as the previous two weeks – myself and three of my friends sitting under one of the outside classrooms for our early morning Spanish class. As usual, our teacher started each class by asking how we spent the night – and, as usual, one of my classmates began to recount his nightly "invasion"... Read More »