$50 a day

Travel Reads: How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

Summary: For close to a decade, Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt) has used his massively popular travel blog to teach readers how to travel the world on a budget. Traditional media shows you expensive hotels, resorts, cruises, and packages because that's what makes them money. They make you believe you have to spend lots of money to have a great experience traveling. This book will show you why that is a lie and how to use the system against... Read More »
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

The Result of Knowing I Can Live the Life I Want

Around this time last year, I was traveling through Costa Rica. I was in Orosi studying Spanish at Montana Linda, cooking extravagant meals with new friends, drink rum+coke while playing Asshole and Bullshit for hours on end, and having intense discussions on US politics with Europeans. Then I found my way to Cahuita and Puerto Viejo where I visited the Sloth Sanctuary, rode a horse for the first time (in the Caribbean!), and partied all night... Read More »

Why I Always Travel With My Kindle Fire

Whether I'm heading a friend's house for the weekend or on a year long backpacking adventure, there is one thing, beyond the absolute basics, that I always pack - my Kindle Fire. My love affair with Kindle Fire began when I received the original Kindle Fire for Christmas in high school. It was the year that I also received a yoga mat and DVD and a big table book on Africa. Out of all of those things, my Kindle got the most use. Soon after... Read More »

Saving for Travel: The Contentment Challenge

A while back, I posted on how I was going back to the basics and saving money for travel. That plan was going along swell....until Christmas came. Until I thought everyone and their sister needed ten gifts. Until Amazon gave me a credit card and I suddenly decided I needed every book published in the past year. (That might be an exaggeration...slightly...but you can read about my favorites here.) I kept saving money for travel during this... Read More »
One of our epic hostel dinners

How Growing Up in a Small Town Shaped My Travel Style

Growing up, life passed slowly. My days were spent curled up on the couch reading books, whining about how boring my hometown was. My hometown and I have a complicated relationship but growing up, I was convinced it was the Worst Place Ever. There was nothing to do and nowhere to go. A trip to Walmart with lunch at Chinese was an exciting day trip. Hell, even in our late teens my friends and I would drive to Walmart and McDonald’s at midnight... Read More »